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Cardiology stethoscope

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The range of products on offer in our shop includes professional medical equipment, which is indispensable for examining the characteristics of heart tones and respiratory murmurs.

The TM-SF 501 double-sided cardiological stethoscopes offered in this product category are distinguished from their competitors not only by their ideal acoustics, but also by their extremely durable head made of stainless steel. Their advantages also include soft olives that automatically adapt to the anatomical shape of the ear, making the product very comfortable to use. We are well aware of the quality of our cardiology equipment in this category - which is why we offer as much as a 5-year guarantee! There are now up to five colour variants to choose from.

Our range also includes single-sided flat stethoscopes equipped with an anodised aluminium head, which are mainly used by paramedics and anaesthetists.

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