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Anti-rheumatic blankets

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 Our offer includes specialised products recommended for arthritic pains. In this category, we present you with high-quality antirheumatic blankets, which effectively and evenly warm the body, bringing relief e.g. from complaints related to root pains.

 Depending on the model selected, our products are available with a 3- or 5-stage temperature regulator, so that the effect can be adapted to the individual preferences of the user. A great advantage of the anti-rheumatic blankets is, moreover, the special overheating protection system - guaranteeing safety even when used for many hours.

 Our products are also easy to care for: they can be machine-washed, of course after the cable has been disconnected. It is also worth noting that they are extremely easy to operate, as they feature controllers with traffic lights and a timer that allows the heating to be set for up to 12 hours.

 We warmly recommend and welcome you!