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 One of the most basic instruments used in standard ophthalmic diagnosis is the ophthalmoscope. This is an instrument used to view the fundus of the eye. The head of the ophthalmoscope is equipped with a light source as well as a set of corrective lenses and filters to adjust the intensity of the light. Examination of the fundus allows the doctor to assess pathological changes in the area of the eyeball, such as glaucoma, optic neuritis or retinal detachment. At TECH-MED, we offer, among others, the TM-OFT10 model distinguished by improved Xenon-halogen XHL technology and a professional lens system, thanks to which the ophthalmologist can even more easily assess the patient's eye condition. The fundus examination is completely safe, as the light emitted by the ophthalmoscope is normal visible light, which is harmless to the eyes. The ophthalmoscope falls within the group of routine ophthalmic examinations. Specific indications for this method of diagnosis are diseases or suspected diseases of the vitreous body, retina, sclera and optic nerve.