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Blood pressure cuffs

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 In our online shop you will find a very wide selection of accessories and fittings for medical measuring devices used at home and in doctors' offices. In addition to power supplies, we also offer cuffs for dial and electronic blood pressure monitors.

 It is worth noting at this point that the Tech-Med products presented in this category fit all electronic upper arm devices available on the market, but please note that we sell them without tips. We have products with sleeves in standard sizes (22-32 cm), as well as in universal sizes (22-42 cm).

 In addition, we have universal products for Precision PRO and Precision BPM blood pressure monitors (single wire version) or TM-SZ, TM-Z, TM-Z/S, TM-H (dual wire version). Products specifically designed for those with a larger arm circumference to fit all the above models are also available.

 We also recommend paediatric cuff sets in child and infant sizes with one or two leads.