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Scales & Measuring Rods

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 Each of us, taking care of our health, tries to monitor our body weight on an ongoing basis. However, the measurement of kilograms does not provide quantifiable results or information on such important data as body water content or muscle tissue content. With a scale that measures body fat and other parameters, it is possible to keep track of the condition of the body and the changes in it, such as weight loss.

 All fat-measuring scales are automatically activated by pressure. They also have an in-built memory to monitor the data of up to eight users of the device. The easy-to-read LCD display will help you to read the measurement results without any problems and to know the parameters for body weight, fat, water, muscle and bone tissue. It is also possible to compare the current results with those stored in the device's memory, which will make it much easier, among other things, to control the progress of weight loss and work on maintaining a balanced and complete diet.