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 The very name of the instruments in this category indicates their purpose. Paediatric stethoscopes are medical devices dedicated to auscultation of the youngest, i.e. obviously children. Their design differs little from the commonly used internal medicine model. The main difference, however, is the reduced surface area of the listening head, which makes it much easier to use them for auscultation of the youngest.

 As with the internal-intervention model, we can distinguish between double-sided and single-sided (flat) paediatric stethoscopes. Both types can be found in our comprehensive range. As a manufacturer of top-quality medical equipment, we go to great lengths to ensure that our goods are made from the best materials, including stainless steel. Consequently, all our products have a long guarantee period (from two to even five years). We also provide a wide range of colour variants of the presented medical equipment, which will certainly interest and please children.