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 Want to get better results during your endurance training? Our smart watches with heart rate monitors will certainly come in very handy, allowing you to regulate the intensity of your exercises in real time. We recommend these products in particular to people who regularly do sports and want to improve their performance.

 In the offer of our online shop you will find two models of these functional devices: TMP-20 and TMP-30. The first model is particularly recommended for beginners. It is available in two colour variants and allows you to measure your training time and the number of calories burnt. It is also equipped with an alarm clock and a stopwatch, which is sure to make interval training very easy.

 The TMP-30 pulsometers, on the other hand, are designed for slightly more advanced athletes. For example, they have a function of setting separate heart rate alarm zones for individual disciplines, e.g. running, cycling or swimming. If the user's heart rate does not fall within the set range, an audible signal will sound - an infallible sign to increase or decrease the intensity.