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Bluetooth kitchen scales

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You want to lose weight, count your calories - this is exactly the advice we hear from most experts in the field of dietetics and healthy eating. That is why our company's product range could not miss precise kitchen scales with Bluetooth, which easily help to control the actual daily intake of calories and individual nutrients.

We offer three models of these elegant devices - HW-FIT020, HW-FIT021 and HW-FIT022. All Bluetooth kitchen scales available in our online shop can be combined with the intuitive-to-use AiFresh app in Polish. The application is a great tool for analysing one's own daily nutrition, as it offers, among other things, the possibility of generating detailed reports from which we can learn which nutrients are consumed in excessive, appropriate or insufficient quantities.

A major advantage of our products is the system of 4 strain gauge sensors, which guarantee very high measurement accuracy.

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